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MRD-618 Call Center IP Phone

The phone features the Broadcom professional IP chipset, support 3 SIP Lines. It supports SIP 2.0 and multiple road call waiting in line. It also supports voice gain setting, VAD, CNG and 4 DSS Keys. It also has a Multilanguage ability. POE is optional.




    Product Specification


    Phone features

    • Vxworks OS

    Support SIP2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs

    SIP support 3 SIP servers, and backup SIP proxy servers

    Supports SIP UDP / TCP/ TLS

    SIP support SIP domain, SIP authentication (none, basic, MD5) , DNS name of server, Peer to Peer / IP Call



    Display Resolution: 128x48 with Backlight

    Key Features 

    Large dot matrix LCD display and soft keys make user

    easier to use

    Soft keys programmable

    Function keys programmable (each key have 2-color

    led indication)

    • Supports RJ-9 and 3.5mm headset

     Multi languages displayed


    Key Features 

    Large dot matrix LCD display and soft keys make user

    easier to use

    Soft keys programmable

    Function keys programmable (each key have 2-color

    led indication)

    • Expansion board (up to connect 5 expansion boards,

    each board have 26 function keys, each key have 2-color

    led indication)

    • Supports RJ-9 headset

     Multi languages displayed


    Advanced Features

     Call forwarding (busy/ no answer/ always)

     Call transfer ( unattended/ attended/ semi-attended )

     Call holding

     Call waiting

     3 way call conference

     Capable of 10 way conversation

    • BLF list

    • Join call

    • Call pickup

     Call park


     Call back

    • Call completion

    • Hot desking

    • Auto redial

    • Predial

     SIP messaging , MWI

    • Flexible dial plan

    • Barring function for outgoing calls

    • Do not disturb

    • Auto answer

    • Caller ID display

    • CLIR(rejects anonymous calls)

    • CLIP(to make an anonymous call)

    • Dial without registration

    • Call logs with missed calls/ incoming calls/ 

    outgoing calls. Each support 300 records

    • Phonebook 500 records

     Speed Dial (abbreviated dialing)

    • Hotline/Warm-line

    • Call rejection

    • Black List/ White List

    Intercom/Intercom barge

    • Password dial, DTMF hidden

    • Action URL/ active URI

    • Voice codec setting for each SIP line

    • Multicast

    • LDAP, XML phonebook

    • Web dial

     Keypad lock, Emergency call


    Network/ Security Features

     WAN / LAN10/100M Ethernet ports

     Bridge mode and route

     PPPoE for xDSL

     802.3af POEoptional

     VLANVoice VLAN/Data VLAN


     NAT (NAPT)

     NAT transverse :Support STUN client

     DHCP client on WAN/ DHCP server on LAN

     Main DNS and secondary DNS server

     DNS Relay

     SNTP Client

     Firewall and DMZ

     Web management access restricted

     VPN(L2TP/Open VPN)

     ping, tracert, telnet

    Accessories Options:

    Maintenance & Management

     WEB ,telnet and LCD menu management

     Management with different account right

     Recover firmware and factory reset through POST mode

     Upgrade firmware  via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP

     DHCP option66 and custom option for auto provisioning

     Auto Provisioning to upgrade configuration file

    with AES(256) encryption

     TR-069 and Syslog

    Structure Features:

    Physical features

    • Adapter Input: AC 100-240V

    • Adapter Output: DC 5V/1A

    • WAN Port -10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for LAN

    • LAN Port-10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for PC

    • Headset : RJ9 and 3.5mm

    • Power consumption: IDLE: 2.5W Active: 2.8W

    • Display Resolution: 128x48 pixels

    • Operation Temperature: 040

    • Relative Humidity: 1065

    • Main Chipset : Broadcom

    SDRAM: 16MB

    FLASH: 4MB

     Weight- Phone:0.45kg

     Dimension: 258x183x60 mm


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