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Why choose Mairdi headsets as professional call center headsets

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Comfort Matters
Buy a headset that doesn’t fit, you could feel the pinch and also it directly impacting efficiency, customer relations and equipment costs. The soft ear cushion and the super light weight will make the long time wearing comfortable. Mairdi headsets are designed specially for 12 hours wearing and they are so light you hardly notice it. Mairdis leatherette ear cushion MRD-RT005 is made of luxrious protein leatherette, which imported from Japan, its sleek soft feeling greatly reduce pressure from ear pads, and make a comfortable wearing.

Microphone Clarify and Noise Cancelling Matters
By keeping your customers from hearing you as well as they could, your headsets may be undermining all you do to present a professional image – and all you’ve done to keep your customers happy. The quality of the microphone will determine how clearly your customers can hear you, and since phone conversations are how customers interact with a company, it is vital that they produce clear and crisp audio levels. To ensure high-quality calls, a microphone should be outfitted with noise-cancelling technology. Since most call centers place agents within close proximity to one another, these types of microphones will block out background noise so the customer only hears what the agent is saying. Our MRD-308 and MRD-510 ,MRD-609, MRD-612 & MRD-805 series are designed with noise cancelling microphones.

Compatibility Matters
The right headsets make obsolescence worries obsolete. You shouldn’t have to be concerned with headset compatibility. Compatibility worries are a thing of the past. With Mairdi headsets there’s nothing to worry about. Mairdi call center headsets work with a wide range of phones – virtually all business phones,wired or wireless ones by different kinds of connecting QD cords, such as RJ9 cords with different pins alignments and 2.5mm, 3.5mm single jack connecting cords;Mairdi also provide VoIP solutions with 3.5mm stereo PC connecting cord and USB adaptor cords.Our QD007 can widely compatible with mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samgsung, Nokia, Blackberry , HTC and MI, ViVO, Huawei , etc.

Safety Matters
With more and more people using headsets, hearing protection is becoming a hot topic. Exposure to excessive noise is the most common cause of hearing loss. And once your hearing is damaged, there is no way to repair it. But you can avoidit, with headsets that are carefully designed to protect your hearing. When it comes to people’s hearing, the only way to play it is to play it safe. Mairdi headsets are all designed with hearing protecting PCBA to protect the operators hearing health, they will not feel earache even though after a whole days talking. It is very important for a call center company to protect its employees hearing health.

Durability Matters
Durability should be one of your most important considerations when choosing a headset as a working tool or as a company investment. A high-quality headset will not only save you in replacement costs, but you’ll also be spared downtime and repair hassles. That’s why, while other headset companies have focused on reducing material cost and making it easy to return their broken headsets and , Mairdi has focused on making sure ours more durable more cost effective with better material.

Warranty Matters
Nearly all the audio headsets are not with warranty for their low production cost and low sales cost. Mairdi headsets promise to all of our customers a 2-years warrant for headsets. This warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials. Products deemed defective for these causes will be replaced. Including all Mairdi communication headsets series. And we will provide free repairing for all the headsets components during the 2- year warranty.Of course, it does not cover any damage from abuse or misuse of the product or physical damage caused by anything that is not considered normal use.

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